If this is your first time renting a dumpster to have some waste removed, by all means you’re not alone. For many of our commercial clients it’s a regular thing but still for a large percentage of the requests we get it’s their very first time, sometimes the only time that they’ll need to rent a dumpster in their life.

Just like so many other things today though, rules and regulations as well as generally accepted norms surrounding how waste is removed and disposed of have evolved over the years. So for one thing there’s more rules and guidelines that need to be followed and penalties can be stiff for those who break them, even if it was done intentionally.

We have the basics covered for you though, because we take care of all permits and clearances that you need to have large waste removal container on your premises if you need us to. We also take care of everything surrounding the actual disposal as well, and that includes any dump fees and special measures that need to be taken if there is any type of waste that requires special handling.

Even so, to avoid any unwanted surprises on your part we’ve compiled a list of facts that we feel you you should be aware of before you get started. Take the time to go over them and then also make a point of bringing up to our customer rep anything that you feel you need answers to during the planning stage of having to waste removed from your home, business or job site.

  • Setting Up Your Appointment

    It’s a whole lot easier to answer questions over the phone than it is to pick up and change out a dumpster because the wrong size or type was ordered. So before you make any final decisions talk to our customer representative about the following:

    Let them know if this is a short term or long term rental and how often you’ll need it picked up.

    Discuss the type of materials you’ll be removing, so they can help you decide if it’s general waste, construction or green waste that can be recycled, so we can determine if you need a solid unit or one with a security lid.

    Describe the nature and general size of your project, so our service rep can help you decide what size dumpster you’ll need to accommodate the amount and weight of the waste being removed.

    Any and all additional information you have that might be relevant to your dumpster rental contract is important, so feel free to discuss any concerns you might have with one of our representatives before you sign on the dotted line.

  • Safety Tips and Common Regulations

    In order to make sure that all parties involved with the removal of your waste and the handling of your dumpster are safe there’s a short list of basic rules you’ll need to be aware of. Also regulations regarding the placement or contents of your dumpster may vary in your city, so make a point of asking if there are any additional considerations for your area.

    Do not overfill your dumpster. This will make them too heavy for our trucks to carry, and increases the risk that something will fall out. So the general rule for loose debris is nothing over the top edge, and for rock, broken concrete or dirt we advise you go no further than 2 feet up from the bottom.

    Plan ahead of time to prepare a safe area that’s large enough for our trucks to back in and out of that’s free and clear from things like low hanging tree limbs and power lines.

    If you have a lawn or landscaping that may be subject to damage by our delivery truck or the dumpster, then by all means make a point of removing or covering it ahead of time, so you don’t create a delay or sustain avoidable damage during the delivery process.

    Ask our company representative what qualifies as toxic materials because many common household products now fall into the that classification. Motor oil and liquid paint for example will require special handling, so they need to be kept out of the dumpster.

    This doesn’t mean that you’re stuck on your own if you happen to have toxic substances that need to be removed because we can handle them as well. Just let us know ahead of time, so we come prepared.

  • Rental Units and Basic Information

    A host of variables factor into the final price on your dumpster rental agreement, so it’s important that you read over each one before you sign your contract to have the dumpster delivered. Then if you have any questions our customer service representative is always there to answer them.

    Barring any special circumstances rental fees are generally based on the type, size and length of time that you’ll have the dumpster on your property, as well as pickup and delivery.

    We will not pick up your dumpster until you call to notify us that you’re ready to have it removed. So if you forget to notify us and as a result it stays in your possession longer than you anticipated, you will still be billed for those days.

    Some cities require a permit to keep a large commercial sized dumpster on private property. We can help you with the permit process by providing you with the information that’s required for obtaining one, and even doing it for you if you’re unable to do it yourself.

    Then finally, call and talk to our customer service rep about the details of your project ahead of time,so we can help recommend the proper tools for your job and general preparations that and need to be made. Also if you have any other questions at all regarding our services, feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be more than happy to help out.