• Why Choose Us?

    Affordable and all inclusive with one reasonable fee. Several size options available. Fast, clean and simple pick up

    Why Choose Us?
  • Let Us Deal With The Risk!

    No dump fees or risks of scratches and damage to your vehicle and that for sure includes nails in your tires picked up at the dump.

    Let Us Deal With The Risk!
  • Safe Garbage Disposal

    Finally safe and clean garbage disposal that doesn’t leave you exposed to liabilities and hazardous pathogens at your local landfill.

    Safe Garbage Disposal
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    Our Services

We are family and veteran owned and operated.

Dumpster Rental Services

The importance of timing can’t be overstated when it comes to refuse removal. When you’re ready to begin your demolition work, or you have waste of one sort or another that needs to be taken away, the last thing you need is a delay. You want your container there when you need it, and picked up and taken away when it’s time for it to go.

Having a dumpster loaded with garbage sitting on your site past its due date is not only attractive nuisance but it presents certain risks as well. There’s always the risk that children could end up playing it or decaying organics presenting that element of risk. So a reliable and accredited dumpster rental service with a verifiable reputation is a must. One that comes fully bonded and insured, and that’s where we come in.

Our Basic Service Package

Waste removal and the particulars it going do it very widely, so a one size fits all service policy just won’t do. This is precisely why we offer a wide range of service options to accommodate all of our customers needs. Getting the your garbage loaded up for removal is a difficult enough task, so the last thing you need is a container company making your job even harder.

So for sure make a point of discussing any problems, concerns or special needs that you might have regarding the pick up and removal of your waste materials because we have a service package that offers flexible solutions.

Flexible solutions that include:

  • Prompt and timely delivery and pickup and removal of your dumpster and all materials contained in it.
  • Landfill delivery and proper disposal of all contents in the dumpster in full accordance with your municipalities as well as state and federal waste disposal laws.
  • We also file any documents to obtain all permits that are required to ensure that you’re operating in full accordance with all local regulations with regards to the keeping of the dumpster on your property.
  • Expert advice regarding procedures, regulations and safety procedures that you may need to know for the most effective use of your dumpster.
  • All our workers and vehicles are licensed, fully bonded and insured for the job of removing the dumpster from your property, so you’re in no way liable in any way during the process.
  • We operate by an all inclusive, up front, one fee policy that covers your entire needs at once, so there is never any hidden costs or back-charges when the job is through.

We Have Several Types of Dumpsters Available Waste material comes in a wide range of types and sizes, so to account for that we make available a wide range of dumpster types to choose from. For example, if you’re removing broken up concrete from a patio demolition job you’re going to need a dumpster with swing open doors at one end, so you can wheel and carry the heavy pieces in, versus lifting them over the edge.

Standard sizes ranging from 10 to 40 square feet of total space are available, depending on how much garbage you expect to have hauled away.

We also have permanent dumpsters available for long term use for residents and businesses that need more than short term waste removal solutions.

We also now make available specialty dumpsters for specialized waste removal situations as well as green waste or recycling bins.

Local, state and federal regulations regarding waste removal have become increasingly complex over the last handful of decades. So the waste products that you have to be removed may fall into more than one category with regards to their
disposal requirements. Old paint cans that contain leftover residue and motor oil for example require special handling and procedures.

So to avoid any problems let our customer representative know ahead of time what type of waste products you plan on having hauled away, so we can make sure that everything you have is handled in accordance with all regulations. In the meantime if you have any questions at all that you need answered regarding any waste material that you need removed, either now or in the future, feel free to give us a call.all at 603-772-7758 and let us show you what a breeze the job can be.

The dumpster I ordered was delivered just a few hours after I called for it here in Kingston, NH. It was clean and had more than enough room for everything that I needed to get rid of, so that was nice. Then when I was all done I just gave them a call and went outside a couple hours later, and it was gone.–Ryan Hood, Kingston, NH

I bought fixer-upper home last year and realized the first day of my project that my standard curbside trashcan just wasn't going to cut it. So I ordered up a midsized drop-off garbage receptacle, spent a week doing all the demolition work that needed to be done which fill the thing up a bit over the top. So I made a call and told him that I ended up with a bit more refuse than I had planned on. Well their pickup guys showed up with a big blue tarp that they tied over the top for me and hauled it away, no problem and no extra charge.–Frank Scherer, Brentwood NH